Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Running down a dream

At Christmas time my friend had said to me “soon you’ll be running 5K’s as an easy warm up run.”
I thought he was crazy when he said that. I mean, I knew he wasn’t crazy I just hadn’t imagined it.
Tuesday the treadmill was all set up, I got up early, and I plugged away on my C210K and finished up the third week. I was running at a clip of 5 mph when running and walking at 3.2 mph while walking. When I last ran on a treadmill my running speed was 3.7 mph.
As I ran my full 57 minutes I kept looking at the distance traveled. I was approaching the 2.8 miles that I normally run while training. I went past that. Then I hit 3.2 miles (an actual 5K) I threw my hands up in the air and was excited – but I was still running. At the end of it all it was a full 3.5 miles.
3.5 miles that I didn’t train for.
3.5 miles that I wasn’t putting on a race bib for.
3.5 miles that I was running at 6:30am before going to work.
It was a training run. That means walking & running. It took me 57 minutes to walk/run 3.5 miles. It gives me hope. It tells me that worst case scenario with The Boilermaker would be right at the three hour limit. After training several more weeks and getting to the point of full running, well who knows where I will be.  It’s kind of cool and it makes me smile.

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