Saturday, December 31, 2011

a full year

when i started writing this blog out, about my process of running. the pitfals & triumphs. I didn't expect to accomplish the things that I did. I ran multiple 5K's, one 10K, and one 15K race. My nike+ said I ran over 98 miles this season. I know it's more than that because of how many times I did not use my nike+ system.

it is crazy to me. along the way, the crazier fact was that so many people I knew started up running. in my last race I saw someone I used to date, someone who when we dated she thought i was crazy for my running & my food plan. She was faster than I was at my last run in December. While the competitive jerk in me pushed myself to try and beat her across the finish line, somewhere in my heart I let go of my anger. I am actually proud of her and her journey.

I've been letting go a lot recently. trying to find my way to a spot where i feel really good, really healthy. I've got a long way to go but i know I can put in the time.

I'll rest until mid January, then I'll start a treadmill walking program to build distance on my legs at a slow pace. This will go until April, and then I will start training for a half marathon. I'll run the Boilermaker again and try to beat my time. I'll run the Stockadeathon or the Hudson Half. I will run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January 2013 and the Disneyland Half in September of 2013. I will get my Coast to Coast medal. I will put in my strength training time and I will take the stretching class at Back In Balance.

I know that I can do all of these things, I just have to weave them into my life. I'm looking forward to BeRunning again because this time the goal race is one of your choosing. So my friends who want to run a 5K,10K, or attempt the Boilermaker with me, well i'm coming at you with information.

Emotionally, this year has been an awakening. I've been hurting since 2009 and I haven't dealt with any of it. Maybe bits and pieces but certainly not the big things. Cute girls just keep stepping in my path. I can't say that I will be rid of all that ailed me. I'm still trying to figure out the issues with my leg and back. still trying to settle with what I need here in the capital district. still trying to define my own version of self care and promising to be a little nicer to myself as the year begins.

it's funny that it's only been one year. 2008-2009 was personal trainers, 50lbs lost, and a car accident. 2010-Now was running, singing, and smiling. 2012, now that will be a great adventure.