Friday, March 11, 2011


That is how I feel this morning.  I don’t have enough time after work to run and I had time this morning but it was still raining & foggy. I didn’t even bring my workout bag in case I left early.  I very well could have worked out on the bike too.
My mom assured me that it’s alright and that I can run Saturday or Sunday. Sunday is my next scheduled day, so I will pick up from there. Tuesday my brother is picking up the treadmill he purchased so at least I’ll have another option.
Do I feel guilty? Yes. Guilty enough to not look my blog schedule without downward sheepish eyes? Yes.  I just don’t want to give myself easy excuses. Weather is an easy excuse for many people. In September and November I didn’t mind running in the rain, I actually liked it, right now, not so much.
It makes my reference article for the day even more of a guilt trip for me. Still, it was a good article and it reminds me of why it’s ok to work out in the cold weather. Maybe motivation will come to me and I’ll do a few laps around the office and several flights of stairs.

Still, I feel like a dirty cheater but a dirty cheater with a heart of gold. Yeah, that’s it.

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