Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just a little bump.

I have a bump on my left leg. It has been there for a lengthy amount of time. It doesn't hurt but it does bulge a little when I exercise. Yes, I know this needs to be checked out by a doctor. In 42 days, i will be able to take care of that with a handy new health insurance card. This occured during my C25K training and I bought compression socks to help with circulation in my lower legs because everything that I was reading was pointing to a vascular issue.

Let me stress a few things; 1. it does not hurt, it just bulges. 2. if something hurts after you exercise and its painful not just sore - go to the damn doctor.

I also did not get to run yesterday. That's ok, I have flexibility written into my schedule. Yet, running tonight is a rough option because I have an invited preview of my show tonight. So being sweaty and tired is really not the greatest option. So I'll run on Wednesday and try to get my run in, shower and make it to Albany at a reasonable time for a bit of planned spontaneity. (it's how I roll kids)

I can't double up on Thursday because that's opening night of my show and then I'm back to an original schedule on Friday. I just make the shift in my Google calendar and make a mental note. I still biked 8 miles at a 3:45 pace, still felt good getting that bit of exercise in. It's just a little bump in the journey, just a little bump.

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