Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Runnin' Rhino

I have 131 days to prepare to run 9.3 miles.

With my couch to 10k program app for the iphone I have 13 weeks of planned training. I then have four weeks of dedicated race training.

That's a total of 39 running days. 26 cross training days dedicated to my fitness level.

Then 12 race prep days and 12 cross training days until I go to Utica for The Boilermaker.

It's crazy.

Each time I talk about The Boilermaker race I keep thinking of The Boilermaker Special & my days working at Purdue)

Now, why do I have a beautiful rhino on a treadmill who’s trying to become a unicorn at the top of this post?

Several reasons, yet most stem from this shirt being one of my motivating factors in my fitness.

I started out with an XL shirt (It was cut off me due to my accident but my mom Frankenstein stitched it back for me) and now I have a size Large of the shirt. I decided as long as it’s reprinted at threadless.com I’ll get a new one each time I shrink out of the old one. So my health and fitness goals aren’t related to pound loss. They are related to can I run up the 3 flights of stairs to get to my desk and not be winded, or can I buy a size medium rhino shirt and not look like a stuffed sausage in the shirt. Long term I know how many pounds I want to lose but I also know if I focus on that I’ll get tripped up.

So tonight I run. Tomorrow I will let you know how that run went. Right now I’m looking forward to it.

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