Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Mixtape

"A mix tape.
He made a mix tape.
He was thinking of me,
Which shows he cares!
Sometimes when someone
Has a crush on you
They'll make you a mix tape
To give you a clue." - Avenue Q

I am a machine, a robot. When I run or workout I like to have music. It can be inspiring just look at my post about my Turkey Trot and "Dog Days Are Over" Not only am I a machine, I like to think I'm an audiophile. I'm no hipster with my music being all mysterious and saying things like "you've probably never heard of them before". I like everything - well except non mainstream Metallica. I just need things to have a good beat to them and be up tempo for when I am working out or I need them to be inspirational.

While I still stand by my motto of don't date a girl that quotes Justin Beiber, I must admit I have at least one J.Beibe'z* song on each play list dedicated to training runs. My recent play list of 10K Training Jamz is filled with all the pop tunes of the mainstream radio. Things I don't have to dedicate my mind to listening carefully to. Basically J. Beibe'z* song to me is just the chorus over and over again of "I will never say never".

Well, I've been checking out some music lately that has been on constant repeat. I like it. It makes me feel something. Yet it's slow and of a genre that I don't usually put on a mix-tape for training. I actually listen to the lyrics and it's like full "whoa". So it got me thinking about other music to run to. Could I run to some of my symphonic music, could I find enjoyment in jam band music, although I like the rock will the German lyrics of Rammstein throw me off, do I own enough Sirsy songs to make a upbeat run possible?

I will keep listing what my play lists are. Occasionally they are mix-tapes I've made for other people. (Yes, I am that guy) But I want to know what you listen to that gets your blood pumping, what you listen to when you work out, or when you escape the day? Maybe, if you are nice enough you can give me a theme and I'll make you a mix-tape and you'll live in infamy.

* Is to remember not to take myself seriously and to note my inner hipster heart.

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