Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Post Workout MacGyver Kit

Sometimes you'll have the ability to shower at the gym or at a friend’s house, other times you need to pretend to smell good. I used to keep a kit in my office and one in the trunk of my car for such times. When you commute 45 minutes to your place of employment and your girlfriend lived only 10 minutes away, you start to stay there more often. It was then that I realized I needed a MacGyver kit so I didn’t look like I had done the walk of shame the next morning into work after staying at my old girlfriend’s house.

My schedule is last week led to a hectic and often disheveled appearance. Mainly it is because I was waking up, going to work, and then I had something in the evening hours. It’s great I like to keep busy but I also am trying to keep to my running schedule. Take Wednesday for example, I woke up late just barely made coffee and then got to work with my giant gym bag in hand. My gym bag has a few small essentials encase I need to clean up for a night on the town. Thankfully tonight I am using a friend’s house to shower up after my run to make it to a social engagement that I would prefer to not be smelly at. So my post workout MacGyver kit did not need to be reassembled.

What is a MacGyver Kit you ask?

The other day I read a great post about a woman’s MacGyver kit, it showed a great bag that you could easily sew. I figured this would be a lot nicer than my current situation of having everything in the top drawer of my office desk.

What do I keep around? There are a few of these awesome personal wipes (with various uses) that are tablet size and will increase when you moisten them.

I also like keeping this shampoo bar in my bag because you can also use it as a mild soap too.

But for those times that I can’t shower but I was cleaner looking hair, I reach for the Psssssst. (most often this is in my trunk bag) The packaging is also just really cool.

Then I keep a travel toothbrush, travel toothpaste, deodorant, Advil, travel size lavender baby oil, chap-stick and a protein bar or shake packet. In the trunk of my car I usually also pack old sneakers, a pair of khaki’s, a change of undergarments, a t-shirt, thin sweater, and a baseball cap in a neutral color.

It’s come in handy several times over. I used to make kits like this for graduation presents. Things you'd need in a residence hall, or things you'd need as a commuter student. You'll see that perfume, body spray, etc. isn't on my list. The lavender baby oil is usually a replacement for scent & as a way to keep my skin really smooth. I just find it hard to keep my perfumes not freezing, or evaporating. (I have an travel atomizer but I have yet figured out how to open my Jo Malone without breaking the bottle.) 

Call it what you will; me being nerdy, my inner girl scout of always being prepared, my swagger life style. I just like to smell good. I am pretty sure my friends, co-workers, and dates appreciate it.

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