Friday, March 18, 2011

let’s talk about hydration

Hydration Station

First thing to note, I am not hung-over. I am however dehydrated. Yesterday I walked 1 mile at lunch with my co-worker, ran 2.8 miles after work and that led right into dinner & evening activities.
While doing some reading on and a few articles friends posted on Facebook, I knew that I was not the young whippersnapper who would be balls to the wall with a drink in her hand. I did know though I’d be partaking in a beer after a run. Upon reading “Alcohol and Running: Do they mix?” and “Why do hangovers seem so much worse as we get older?”  I knew to handle my drinking like I normally do. Drink the good stuff and have a glass of water in-between drinks. This is how I roll. Makers Mark on the rocks & a glass of water. Two drinks, three waters. Yet last night I had spring fever (really I had twitterpation) so the urge to run around and play was strong. So it was a margarita on the rocks salted while at dinner and two waters.
My friend and I then rolled over to Putnam Den. We were there to see Sirsy . (who always puts on an amazing show) I was asked to represent an Irish Car Bomb. I haven’t done that in ages, like maybe 2002. So I chugged down my pint of Guinness & Bailey’s and told myself to wait. Told myself to get a glass of water but I didn’t. The next two drinks were there for thirst sake. I should have realized it. The Guinness at end of the evening was to round out my evening; so five drinks over six hours, responsible…except for the lack of hydration.
Upon heading back to my friends to crash on his couch I started to realize I had cotton mouth. I got a glass of water when I settled down for the evening. At one point in the evening my right leg just cramped up, like jolted me up in pain cramp. I knew in the morning I would need water, maybe some potassium, and a bit of protein. Then I was kept awake all evening by a cat in heat.  So I am not hung over but I am severely exhausted.
I go back and forth on what I drink when I know I’m dehydrated. Something’s are for taste and potassium (VitaminWater – Revive), other’s are to remind me to keep drinking water (Liter of SmartWater), then the 2nd coffee of the morning – that’s just to keep me alert. Yes, I know it’s a diuretic – that’s why I’m drinking more water.
Hydration is something I’m going to have to learn about. I didn’t run in the heat before so it will be a challenge to my body. has some good articles. I like their “4 Key Hydration Tips for RunnersBut for now, it’s quiet in the office. It’s a Friday, most people are in relaxed clothing, catching up on their gossip. Me? I am on my second cup of coffee with my shoes off, coaching myself on how to get through the day.

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