Thursday, March 3, 2011

Off topic.

Hotel Kilo.

That’s my new band name. Oh, you haven’t heard about my pension to randomly create band names from random morning thoughts? I actually have a continuous note on my iphone where I can quickly type in a new band name.

Some jems are:
Free Beer & Afterbirth, Pansy Bowls & Flats, Ginger Haired Jesus, The boy I’m banging from Calcutta, Heroes of the Torah, Gyro Station.

Sometimes there are song titles from our first albums as well. Songs like:
She does make a mean fuckin cookie, Fred Savage Says, Too hungover for sunshine, Trippin over children, Quick thinking & canola oil.

This all comes from “getting the band back together” – my band is a group of awesome women who live in New York City. I see them every six months to a year and it’s always crazy when I see them. The band was formed at The Slaughtered Lamb in Greenwich Village where we all picked band rolls (I’m lead singer) and commiserated over beer & fried food, our bands name? Chub Rub & the Backfats, first single – Big Joe’s Jugular.

A few months later we lost a band member due to a relationship break up but we reformed the band with another single lady who I reconnected with. Let me set the record straight. We are in no way a real band. It’s just a bunch of misfits who like a good time. However, I’ve picked up the habit of thinking up band names. Usually I test them out with (insert band name) tonight, live at the Buckhout. If it sounds ok, then it sits in my band name list. Some times we break out into "side projects" or "solo acts" but it's just a silly way to say this is my group of friends and it's become an intersting habit.

So this morning the name Hotel Kilo came into my head for several reasons. I was thinking about alphanumeric code that we used on the radio in Washington D.C. working for NYLC and I’d be Hotel Mike, but I always hated that. Hotel Kilo would sound better I thought but what would I associate the Kilo with. Then the associations flooded inward. The ex-girlfriend’s name started with a K and so I put our real names together again and it was a sucker punch straight out of nowhere.

See I am going through an awkward patch, where you hear an awesome love song and it makes you feel something but you don’t know where to place the emotions. Do you place them with the ex who you are dead to, with the woman who you took a chance with and failed miserably and you are still getting over rejection, or find shiny new infatuation?

Then I thought about how close Hotel Kilo sounded & looked to Hello Kitty and well my love/hate relationship with that Sanrio toy and its cult following are still something I try to steer clear from, so I want to hate it but I am digging the name Hotel Kilo.

It’s all random but it’s what’s on my mind during my morning commute.

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