Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh, Mother Nature

It's crap outside and it's a training day for me. It actually crappy enough to delay my morning work commute and have me working from home for the first two hours of my day.

Because of the snow that has fallen upon freshly melted and wet roads well i have lost all hope for running outside today. I have some flexibility in my training schedule, it just sucks because my life week isn't as flexible so I've got to do some getting up super early to get things back where they need to be.

So do I cross train today on the bike, or do I rope a friend into letting me use their workout facilities in their HOA building, or do I put down ten dollars to use the YMCA today. All things that pose their own interesting limitations. Cross training is no problem, I know what to do on the bike. Yet, I really would prefer to do some strength training and well doing that here at the house is a little difficult due to space restraints.

Using my friends HOA building & the YMCA have the same limitations in the aspect of using a treadmill to try and run. Now, if I was running an actual 30 minute easy pace run it would be simple. But it's run for 1 minute walk for 4 minutes and repeat 9 times. I've yet to try doing this on a treadmill as how do I make the speed increase & decrease every 4 minutes without having to really do much to the machine? I am sure there is some way, I just don't know what that way is.

The YMCA has an additional limitation for me. $10. I know it sounds crazy but I can't seem to stress to people that I literally have a bank account with $75 in it that has to get me to the middle of next week before I have any financial frivolity.

So I feel a little stuck because I actually want to work out. It makes me feel better and I feel like I am moving forward in a very large goal.

Right now though it's get through my two hour delay, see if the snow has lightened up, and then make a plan about my fitness needs for the day.

If anyone has any suggestions, or guest passes for the YMCA in Saratoga or a gym in Schenectady, or has a treadmill that they would like to invite me to come and use...I'd be happy to gain such information.

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