Thursday, May 30, 2013

having all the things.

When it comes to running this season, I sure have been making some decisions I wouldn't have last year. That whole sign up for a half marathon to motivate you to run more thing.....yeah. I need to attempt eight miles this Saturday. It's my goal to get up early, run my 8 and make it home to watch the Freihofer's Run for Women 5K and cheer on some of my friends who are running.

I feel like if I can get through eight miles then 13.1 seems more feasible.

I'm worried about hurting myself. About over extending myself on very little training. My longest run has been six miles, longest collection of miles in one day is seven miles. I'm not thrilled with myself about running such a long distance so close to my half marathon. Still, in the back of my head I've got 5.5 hours to complete this half if i need it. It's a 22 minute mile pace that is needed and I can walk at about an 18 minute mile. I know I can walk it if i need to. I did the 4/4/5 plan in my mind. Run 4 miles, walk 4 miles, run 5 miles. (using "run" as really a walk run ratio of 4:1)

My desk as my liter bottle of water and 20oz of watery gatorade and a very small 8oz coffee cup.

It will take me about 2 hours to run my 8 miles.Sunrise is at 5:20 am so I should be OK with the 5:45am up and out the door to the Colonie Town Park part of the bike path. My camelbak should be enough and I'll debate putting the extra bottles in the pack.

I don't know why I haven't gotten serious about running this season. I'm running The Boilermaker and i'm always conscious of what I'm doing the week before. I always end up being sober steve at Chad's birthday party. This year I have a very fun event scheduled the day before The Boilermaker. I can not drink at the event, that's not so big to me but dancing and being on my feet for a good few hours, then driving out to Utica later in the evening, well it just feels strange.

Last year i wouldn't have thought twice about it. I put running first. I put my goal of finishing a half marathon first before anything. I still like running. i guess I'm just putting my happiness first. Spending time with friends, being in more shows, going off on more adventures. It all seems like so much more fun. I think there is a part of me that wants to see what happens when I feel under-prepared. I've seen friends run races hungover or on three hours of sleep. I want to see how close I can get to having all the things. it might backfire, I might get hurt, hell I might even succeed.

I squeak out 4 miles tonight (either indoors or outdoors depending on the thickness of the air) and then Saturday morning I've got an early o'clock date with my running shoes.