Monday, April 18, 2011

Out of commission

I was supposed to run Friday, Sunday and tomorrow. However, I am seven full days of rest from running. I also go to the sports medicine physician tomorrow so we’ll see what happens.
So I've got a thing for Nigella.
On Saturday I felt the urge to run, the want to run. I was all angsty inside and wanted to get it out, running usually helps that. So it’s hard to not run. I found myself looking for things to keep myself busy. Big Bro and I went out to Barnes & Noble and I picked up a few magazines. Normally, it’s gay themed or cooking magazines. This time it was two running and one Nigella Lawson on a cover of a gay themed magazine that got my attention. 
It was so strange but really cool that I felt happy and content reading these magazines.  I never think of myself as a runner but it’s slowly starting to change. The fact I’m following the Boston Marathon on Twitter today too, proves I’m a bit nerdy.
New Shoes!
Sunday, Big Bro & I checked out the Adirondack Summer Sport & Fitness Expo in Saratoga. He got fit for orthotics and I ended up walking around, finally testing out some Vibram 5 fingers shoes, and falling in love with a bamboo t-shirt from Hooked Productions that was not available in a large at the expo. I put on the 5 fingers and they felt weird at first, then I walked in them a bit, they felt better. They were 50% off cause it was the last day of the expo and they were trying to lighten their load. So I ended up buying my pair for 45 dollars.

While Big Bro was getting fit, the guy from The Mountain Goat was talking about anterior compartment syndrome, everything he was saying sounded like what was going on in my shin. While I still need to go to the doctor tomorrow, it was an interesting conversation. The guy said sometimes the doctors recommend cutting the sheath so the muscle has more room but he talked about how that just creates more scar tissue. Big Bro bought a tool that makes it easier to roll out pressure on various limbs and such. When I rolled it over my shin, calf & thigh it was a release of pressure & pain that felt good and painful at the same time.
So I am keeping my fingers crossed about tomorrows appointment, that maybe it’s just a bit of sports massage that is needed and nothing too serious that will take me out.

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