Thursday, April 21, 2011

I want to love you, My PT*

*Sung to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Pretty Young Thing (PYT)
Today was the first day of physical therapy. I’m no stranger to physical therapy. I’ve gone for my ankles, knees, back, wrist, shoulder, and now legs.  When I was at Albany Med I went to PT in the hospital and found myself laughing a lot with my PT.  Later when we were trying to assess my head pain & leg numbness I was sent to PT to work on my lower back. Again, the therapist was cool and it was my first trip to this center (the one I currently go to). For my shoulder I went back there and I was introduced to my physical therapist. She was cute and tomboyish.  I played most of our 6 weeks of therapy playing the do you date boys or girls game.  When I had to leave it was kind of sad because she and several other therapists had become bright spots in my daily routine.
I walked into physical therapy today and as I pulled the door, there stood my favorite therapist, smiling at me. She was like what did you do this time? She looked at my chart, saw that I had someone else as my therapist and gave me my stuff to fill out. Then she teased me for taking a chair in the corner and hiding from her. While I waited for my therapist, she called out while working with another patient asking me what shows Tony Danza was famous for.
My new physical therapist came in and met me and we started talking about my problems. She looked at my feet, my gait, my leg length, my flexibility. We found out a lot of things. My heal shifts on one foot more, my left leg is shorter than my right; my hip is so tight that she made a crazy face.  I’ve got to strengthen my quads to help support the rest of my legs. Next week she is going to watch me run on the treadmill to see how I am doing with my running and we’re going to see what else needs strengthening & flexibility.  
I walked away with a page worth of names of stretches for me to now add into my routine.  Tonight I’m going to do a little walk around my neighborhood. Then go through the list of stretches. Running comes back on Saturday.

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