Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Martin Sheen...he played Kennedy once

When I started this blog I thought it would mostly be about my running journey. I mean I have a personal blog that I keep important non filtered and non-censored posts. Yet it’s a mixture of running, food issues, and emotional items. I mean all of those things combined equate health, so I figure its fair game.
Today is a day for running. I momentarily thought about waking up early and running. It’s still somewhere in the back of my mind that many long distance dedicated running get up early and run their little hearts out before the rest of the world is starting their day. I used to be the early riser wake up and go right to the gym when I worked with a trainer. It made sense; it was on my commute to work. Still, this morning I thought about it, then I let the thought go back to sleep.
I didn’t bring my stuff to work to run either. It’s just I love that darn treadmill at home, it’s also not wanting to think about an extra change of clothes to go to the event I want to go to later.
I also didn’t want to run this morning and wanted to do it later this evening as a hope to wake my ass up later. I’m starting the take chances part of my life, trying to have ownership of my happiness. So I’m going out later tonight. A band I enjoy is coming into town so I’m heading out to a show that starts at 9pm. It’s not like my job requires a large amount of alertness in the morning, so I’m taking it back – I’m taking them all back.

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