Tuesday, April 26, 2011

pushing 300

I'm like a mountain for Laura to climb on.

Pushing 300lbs
I look so uncomfortable in that chair and I can't even cross my arms

The pictures above was me pushing 300 pounds back in June of 2009. These are the only photos I have of myself during that time. I was still funny, still super smart, and still the regular Hollie that all my friends know and love. Yet I was dying inside my own body.

I read a lot while I am at work. Like almost 7,000 articles in a month.  I see articles from active.com, runnersworld.com, friends who run and their blogs. Well I had watched the video on active.com about Ben and Ben Does Life. while it was great to read his blog and be inspired by his story I know that it’s easier for men to lose weight than women so I wondered if there was a blog like Ben’s written by a girl. I came across  One Twenty Five.  In reading through some of the archives I saw bravery in putting up pictures you otherwise might not share.  

I’ve still got a lot to go. I’m still having trouble when going out to eat finding balance in my healthy options. I did great for my brother’s birthday dinner out but lunch, not so great.  I hate that I still use food as an emotional comfort, punishment, or reward.  It’s still pizza as my kryptonite. I’ve started to have it more than twice a month. This week, I’m having it twice in a span of less than 16 hours. 

So I know I have to recommit to food. I know I also have to recommit to not drinking, which is hard because I’m social. 

In other news Physical Therapy was good today, we worked on strength and she said I improved in my flexibility. I only got in 2 days out of the 4, so I know I’ve got to step it up. I also ran on Saturday and logged 2.9 miles but my legs weren’t tired. I was using the stride count method and was playing a song by Lady Southpaw on repeat to keep time like a metronome. 

Last night I downloaded a bunch of music and now have a mix that starts at 160BPM and works up to 180BPM, so I think this will help me out a bunch.  So now we just start Phase 2 of jumping into training and getting serious again.


  1. i'd totally be interested in that running mix you created. it sounds like a great idea.

  2. yeah joel. if you can email me your address to miller(dot)hollie(at)gmail(dot)com then I'll send you a data cd.