Friday, April 29, 2011

Coast to Coast

While I am still not in the places I'd like to be with my running, I'm still dreaming of what I can accomplish. A lot of it rides on how I feel after The Boilermaker. If I feel good emotionally, and not in hospital like amounts of anguish then I'll start the training for a half marathon for my birthday, in January. See it's been a dream of mine to run the Walt Disney Half-Marathon.

In watching the websites and seeing photos from friends who've run it and downloading the training program for the half, well it's still something I aspire to. So ok, I jumped my goal of a 10K before doing a 15K and it may or may not be my most smartest (written on purpose) idea. Still, if I gave up I wouldn't know.

Reading an article today it spoke about a spiral staircase and how sometimes we trip on a step. It talked about what messages you send yourself when you trip. Most of us send a good deal of negative messages. Hell, I've sent myself seven years of negative messages about my "trip" in Indiana. If you look at it as the staircase, you tripped, you might even stumble on a few stairs. But if you wanted to reach the next floor, if you had to reach the next floor out of necessity well you'd either have to start climbing the stairs again or you'd have to go back down the stairs.

I've been giving myself some negative messages with running because it's all mental now. Well mental and the fact that my little physical therapist is beating the crap out of my legs. (all my problems are due to flat feet, weak arches, and poor ankle flexibly) So soreness & life schedule are making me make easy excuses.

Friday though, after my work conference - it's on like Donkey Kong in Saratoga State Park, around 4:30pm.

So this new dream, it's the Disney Coast to Coast. If I run the Walt Disney World Half in Florida in January of 2012 and then run the Disneyland Half in California in September of 2012 then I'll get a special finishers medal. (and I'll get to finally have an excuse to go to Disneyland)

Right now it's wishful thinking and it's not impossible, it's also not improbable. It's just the fear of commitment to make these decisions and knowing I've really got to do another full change to get where I want to be.

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