Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TPC: Elephant Shell & Champ

First off, I need a Dapper Dan moment of silence in fond appreciation......

These shoes are amazing. I wish I had them, amazing. They have the classic style of a wing-tip with witty youthful details, why yes, I do believe its love.
While I am in a good mood today I do have one thing that was a bit upsetting. (not really the right word but can’t find the right fit) My mom had urged me to step on the scale this morning. A few posts ago I wrote how I don’t use the scale to keep track of my accomplishments. I do keep track of my weight however when I do check it. It goes in a program that makes a chart so I can see the shifts and changes.  I stepped on the scale and was 2.5 pounds heavier. I saw this look in my mom’s eyes, like she was sad for me. I however knew that I ate like crap last week and that it could be muscle being built and that I had reduced my body fat. It took my mom about a minute to get to that realization and then blurt it out in the morning in an “I love you anyway and I’m trying to be supportive” tone.
Last night I ran later than normal. I came home and was famished so I ate dinner first. Normally it would be ok but I thought about cramping and how long I should wait before running. The average time was about 1-2 hours for full digestion. I didn’t have two hours, so I got to about 50 minutes of digestion before jumping on the treadmill. While it was an easier feeling run, I found myself cramping up at bit at the end of each running section but recovering through the walk portion.  I also found that during the 2 minutes 30 seconds of running that I like to look down at the clock after a minute and a half of running.  Each time I thought I was pushing myself longer before looking at the clock and each time I would be frustrated that a few times I looked after only a minute.
I’m looking forward to a bit of warmer weather on Thursday and I’ve snuck a peek at East-West road when I’ve driven by. So I am hoping the entire park is rid of snow on the alternate paths. I’d really like to run outside and transition back to the road instead of the treadmill.
After last night’s run I went out to a rock show in downtown Albany. I went to see Tokyo Police Club. If you like Vampire Weekend, VHS or Beta, Weezer, Yo La Tengo or The Decemberists – well I think you might enjoy these lovely Canadian lads. The opening act of Hollerado was actually decent (to the point of possible purchase).  I stood for two hours amongst a sea of upstate college hipster men wearing every version of plaid, nerdy girls with quirky t-shirts with giant X’s on their hands, and adults out late on a work night (like me).
Although my legs and hips are paying for it this morning, it was so worth it. 1. Because I went out by myself, not stopping my enjoyment because of being scared of being alone someplace. 2. Because I love music.  3. Because you have to live life to share your life and have someone be attracted to what you share.

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