Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Walk the Dinosaur

It’s been about a week since my last post I think. It’s been longer for my last run. My last run was the corporate challenge race. After the race I was sore and I knew I ran more on my leg than I should have. I had auditions that next week (hence my posting hiatus) and my schedule was all around crazy.

At auditions we had to dance and I put a little more stress on my knee and ankle than I should have.  So at PT my therapist asked me to walk on my tippy toes every time I went to walk. So while walking around the therapy room I put my arms like a little T-Rex would and pretended I was a dinosaur.

I had to walk like that the entire weekend. It helped relieve the stress on my shin but it made my foot and ankle even shakier, so I didn’t run on them. I may try to do a little run this evening because I have PT tomorrow.  Really it just showed me where my left foot was not flexible and that causes a good amount of pain on top of my foot.  So it’s frustrating and it makes me nervous for the Freihofer run this Saturday.

I don’t want to blow out my knee (I’ve done it twice before) and I don’t want my foot to hurt. I’m going to keep trying, keep trying to train. We’ll see how I feel after Saturday’s race and see how quickly I can recover. I have almost 6 weeks left before the Boilermaker. I honestly don’t know what will happen with that race. I can’t find a place to stay the night before the race so I’m a bit screwed with that and there are several emotional items tied to this race.

In other race news I may have to drop out of the Warrior Dash in August because of the show I got into. I auditioned for two musicals last week and was offered roles in both musicals. One would have challenged me vocally; the other challenged my inner dancer & showcased my comedic timing. So I took the role of Angie Sullivan (Julia’s mom) in The Wedding Singer the musical. It’s a really great group of people so it should be a whole lot of fun.  Rehearsals will start happening after work so I’ll have to adjust my running to before work.

So I’m kind of all over the place. Mixed emotions about running, mixed emotions injury, mixed emotions on some great opportunities. So really, I’m just 

All. Over. The. Place.

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