Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey kids, it’s race day.

It was also physical therapy day. An odd twist of events occurred and allowed me to have my super crush physical therapist work with me today. Having her hands on my legs was not a bad way to have the day start and I was thankful for shaving this morning. I also like her because she is thorough. She took her time with me today and we found out that I really have some ankle issues. My usual therapist knew that I was tight and not flexible, but my old school therapist saw I was shaky and we worked on strengthening.
 I asked if there was anything I could do before my race today and she said no, and that she knew I’d be stubborn and try to complete the race but she made me promise that if it really hurt that I would walk it out to complete the race. She also recommended hard core orthotics – so that leads me into my tax law research for the day. See, there is a way to write off expenses in regards to fighting your own personal obesity. So orthotics, gym memberships, trainers, running shoes, race entry fees…all possible tax write off’s if I can get my doctor to say that it is exercise is a benefit to fighting my obesity. I’m sure there are a few other things in there too but that’s why I have to research it.
I’m a bit happier today but it’s mostly because I am excited about the race. One of my favorite things and the main reason I run with my iphone is my Nike + GPS app. See I can say that I am starting a race and it asks if I want “cheers” sent. So it posts on Facebook that I’m starting a run and every time someone likes or comments on that post it sends me some cowbell love. It is always fun running and then hearing the cowbell. Most people comment right in the beginning but others spread the love and comment several times, which is good because it’s like 45mins-1hour of running so cheers all the way through are great.
I’m going to be picking between one of my three current playlists for today’s run. I may even create a quick new playlist by splitting songs from each three. As I really want to hear Closer to the Edge today.  I’m also bringing a Sharpie marker incase our shirts are really orange (cause I’ll never wear it for anything but running) and if so then I’ll be drawing a heart on my left sleeve and writing rule #1: CARDIO on the right sleeve.
My traditional start pose picture will also be taken, even if I force a stranger to take it.

Race 1

Race 2


  1. I love the Zombie shirt! Where can I get one???