Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My foot is expecting!

I walked into therapy today with the feeling of god; I look like an idiot the way I am walking. However, I was told it was Good Form, Peter! The only thing is this new, good form is causing my foot to flare up.

There is something going on with my foot. It’s in the small toes and my dorsal flexion.  So to help with the inflammation a few things occurred. Last night my foot got an ice bath; it will keep getting ice baths each evening. (I curse like a trucker during these). Then my therapist slathered my foot in some cortisone, then some cool clear gel, and then my foot got an ultrasound.  It is supposed to be a quick fix so I can run on Saturday. I’m supposed to not aggravate my foot, stretch & ice it each evening. 

I hope it works. Right now it’s feeling good and I’m half way through the day at work. So we’ll see how it goes.  I’m feeling better about the race on Saturday because I’m going down the big hill that I had to go up during the corporate challenge. 

So keep good thoughts coming and keep those fingers crossed.

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