Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm not fast, I'm just persistent.

“The motherfucking zombie apocalypse is nigh, and you’re in the middle of a densely populated city. It’s 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) to the county limit, there’s not much time, and you need to get moving. DO YOU WANT TO SURVIVE?”

I ran yesterday. In the rain. It was the dreaded 1.9 miles to meltdown. I tried stretching my shin out and then walking and picking up my run again. Yet it was so tight. Once I was home I asked my brother to break out "The Stick" and to work on my shin for me. I screamed so badly, my family thought my brother was torturing me upstairs. It was one of those good hurts, where the knots and tightness were being worked out. I need to keep doing that this week, each night and keep my shins & hamstrings stretched.

I also picked up two balance board circles. I'm going to work these ankles into fully supporting me. I've got 9.32 miles to run away from Zombies. In a real zombie apocalypse I'd have to keep running or die.

I'll take all two walking breaks at work today, which will give me about two miles of walking today. Tomorrow I'm going to try walking two miles, then running two miles. Thursday I've got a race of 3.5 miles to run/walk I would like to come in at 45 minutes but I'd be happy to be under 52 minutes. I'm not fast, I'm just persistent.

My goals: To have fun. To not be the last human eaten. To not get caught up in the sport but to realize I'm taking positive steps to better myself.

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