Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hollie called the Doctor and the Doctor said

Last night the heat of the night and my anxiety from a really important interview had me all a mess. I had told myself a reward for finishing the Friehofer would be a massage. So I called up Back in Balance in Latham and scheduled an hour long appointment.  It was awesome. Not only did she work out my back a little, she focused on all the spots I asked on my left leg. Afterwards she showed me how to use a foam roller and she even gave me pointers about running The Boilermaker. She said walk the first mile, stop at the water stations, and go slow. 

This morning I went to the podiatrist, he is one that was recommended through running coaches so I was happy to go to his office in Schenectady. I told him about all my issues we’ve found through physical therapy. He asked me to stand, to move a few ways, then he marked my heels and placed my feet in the position they should be. He said, that’s why you feel pain – your feet are way off. You need special orthopedics for everyday wear (which includes my running). 

I acknowledged that my medical insurance doesn’t cover it but that I was willing to make the investment. If I want to keep going in my health journey, I’ve got to make it less painful & damaging. So he set my feet in plaster and in three weeks I should have my new fancy orthopedics. 

However, there is a catch. I can’t run for those three weeks. He said don’t stress your leg. Don’t do anything that will damage your leg. He said water, biking, or elliptical but no impact. So I’m running Saturday and then I’ll be biking to keep up my endurance. If anyone out there has any tips on how to train for a race without running, well I’d love you to send those things my way.  

The doctor also said that I should feel better with the new inserts in 4-5 days. I’ll have them for less than 10 days before the boilermaker if it takes the full 3 weeks. So keep your fingers crossed for only two weeks, so I get a little more time on them before the big race.

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