Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mind your pints & quarts

I’m currently drinking a quart of chocolate milk. I also ate a banana. Later, I’ve got 32oz of Gatorade.

Why? Because dance rehearsal kicked my butt and I sweated out so much that my muscles were twitching last night in my sleep. It’s awesome. Since it’s hot, I’m also not a fan of actually eating solid food. I’m weird, yes I know this. 

I’m also anxious. I have a really important, possibly life changing appointment late tonight. So I’m nervous. I’m prepared, took notes, have questions ready, and dressed nice. I’m just a little shaky. 

Because of dance last night my leg is stiff. I wore the flippy’s again to work and I’m trying to stretch my foot & shin while at my desk. I also iced everything last night. I’m hoping the podiatrist can give me some answers. After tomorrow’s appointment I’ll make the decision on running the Pride 5K. If I don’t, then I’ve got to pick back up on running Monday – heat or no heat. 

My mind is all over the place, so is my heart. I’m trying to just get on my “I’m awesome” pants so I can show my loveable, capable self. 

So kids, keep your fingers crossed for me and I promise I’ll be less vague in the future

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