Thursday, January 6, 2011

sleep deprivation

It is hard to exercise when you are tired. Throw in being tired and having a food coma, it is even harder.

I had a good friend come in to visit for a total of 24 hours, so I felt the need to jam pack those 24 hours with good times and little sleep. Morning came and I knew I wanted to go use the bike and get all excited about it and start the day.

In reality, I woke up, made coffee, woke my friend and lounged around all day until dinner. Normally, I'd feel some what OK with this lounging and skipping of the workout if several things had occurred.

1. if I had been 21 days into my routine
2. if we had gone out and walked some
3. if I didn't eat the dinner I ate.

We had a dinner filled with meats, meat and more meat along with fries, gravy & cheese. Not a healthy choice by far and I chalked it up to a friend being in town. Do I feel guilty about it all as I write? Yes, I definitely do.

This morning I tried to sleep in, to catch up on sleep but I had errands to run so my sleep schedule is still out of whack. I thought about getting on the bike tonight but I'm going to pass until the morning. While I want to get back up to 3 days a week, I'm OK with two times a week.

Online articles have said that you need 21 days to form a new habit. I am working on writing daily in my food journal. I feel like once I've got that habit down again, I can get back to being disciplined with my 3 days a week.

Am I worried, yes. I get worried that I will give up, that many people who read this right now will think its all a New Years Resolution that I'll be ready to break. But today while I was visiting with friends who asked if I was still running I replied to them that March 1st I'll start my training again for The Boilermaker.

I made a goal. I've set training plans. I'm telling people so I can remain accountable. But I'm human and sleep deprivation is my worst enemy.

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