Sunday, January 2, 2011

A month off

It seems like forever since my last run. Truth is, it has been forever. After the Turkey Trot I went into full performance mode for the show that I was in. Singing & dancing two times a day was wiping me out and I had no energy to run. I was still getting exercise from performing in the show so I felt healthy. After the show ended on December 13th and I could finally rest, my body just broke down.

I was training for the trot, on antibiotics for a sinus infection, finishing up my Master's web portfolio & presentation, two papers for my last semester of classes, and singing & dancing two times a day. Why wouldn't my body just breakdown? So I just rested.

Then the holidays came along with super cold weather. I have asthma and the cold weather just tightens my lungs right up. Financially, I can't afford a gym membership (until I get this new job) and well I was just in a funk.

Just before New Years Eve I took a look at all the races I wanted to run this spring season. Trying to figure out what my no turning back point was for training. March 1st, 2011 is when I need to start my running training back up. Yet, I know I can bike indoors until that time and when you start having dreams about working out and you wake up missing your weekly workouts...well it's a little strange.

Now, let me set something straight for you the reader. I'm not a health nut. I'm not an athlete. I am however stubborn, extremely stubborn. If there is something I want to do, I find a way to do it. I made a committment to myself in 2009 and I have been working to get healthy ever since. I'm human though and there are times when I slip, when I get set back. The holidays had me gaining two pounds again and the struggle to get back to "clean living" where we don't have sweets in the house or I have one drink has been hard.

But I am back to writing down food in my food journal and tomorrow I will jump back on the bike. I've cut down my caffeine intake and asked my family to not purchase sweets for the next two weeks. It's tough. I guess that is why I am working on this project.

Yes, getting healthy is tough. So if I can share what I am doing and what is working, if I can motivate others to try the things I'm trying...well then what's the harm of a little blogging.

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