Friday, January 7, 2011

it was like hot yoga

The back room that I keep my recumbent bike in is not insulated very well. In the summer it is horrifically hot and in the winter it's bitterly cold. We have a gas fireplace in the back room to warm it up if we are out there for long periods of time. However, the fireplace does not have a thermostat. So right when you think it's the optimal temperature, kiss it goodbye and welcome a heatwave.

I knew this was the case so this morning I started the fireplace a lot sooner than my workout. I wanted to see if the heat would be like exercising in a hot yoga class. (I've never done hot yoga I've only heard stories from friends) It was something I had to struggle through during the first 20 minutes of my work out and then the last 10 minutes it was really enjoyable. I could feel the sweat in my elbows and could see it all along my arms. The true test of sweat was the amount deposited on the machine itself at the end of my work out.

Today I did the small hill climb program. It's 10 minutes long and I repeat it 3 times. At the highest point of resistance it has you there for 4 minutes, the hike uphill and downhill are tapered 3 minutes. Often when I am using the recumbent bike I will switch the program I am doing thinking it's like some form of great training. Usually, it is what do I think I can do today. There are several programs that still scare me and I really don't want to attempt the 100% target heart rate program again yet. Yet, I think equate intervals with speed and hill climbs with endurance and I watch my MPH & mile pace. I remained at my 4 minute mile which I am happy about and I usually am around 16.6 MPH

I'm sweaty, tired, and I can feel it in my lungs a little bit. All things I am OK with.

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