Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Over the holiday season I got to visit with one of my biggest running inspirations. I often will refer to him as "J" (until I figure out better nicknames for people). He would post things on my facebook on my Couch to 5K (C25K) posts. He was there with a cowbell on the turkey trot during the last mile. Then at our annual holiday gathering he gave me a gift. My cousin joked that I had this look on my face like I was going to cry.

If he gave me another minute, I just might have. See all the guys exchange gifts and most others there just what the silliness that happens. However, this year J walked up to me, handed me a gift, and I opened it to find a cold weather long sleeve running top. It was awesome and after I thanked him and told him he didn't need to do such thing he replied with "anything I can to advance people running". I also saw him exchange gifts with his running soulmate MP and he had borrowed a book on running from MP and when he met the author he had him sign the book for MP. He then returned the newly signed borrowed book to MP, pointing out what made it a new "gift". MP, was in awe and J was just as jubilant because they both just understood that it was cool. I listened to them both talk about their marathon plans, when they would start training, what was their point of no return date, etc. It was just awesome & inspiring.

I have other friends who run, who comment on my facebook, who ask about C25K and well I try to keep up with them. I have a friend who told me she started the C25k program because she saw my weekly posts stating I finished a run. (I need to check in with her and see how she is doing and see if she wants to join me for a race.) I have other people who hear that I've run races and they say that they can't do it, that they arn't a runner. Something different happens to me at that point. I tell them how they can do it, that they don't have to be a runner. The difference that happened from week one to week nine was amazing and that I even surprised myself.

So keep trucking, keep trying, and keep letting others know what you are up to. You'll be amazed at where the support comes from.

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