Friday, July 8, 2011

Two is less than three

Hydration Station
There has been a wave of panic that has washed over me and my friend D. as we found out that the original race allotment time of three hours is now only two hours.

I would have to run & keep my 13 minute mile pace through the entire race to make it even close to two hours. Did I mention it's supposed to be hot and humid Sunday?

I've been prepping all week for the race. I've stayed away from alcohol, have stuck to one caffeinated beverage a day, and have stayed mostly healthy with my food choices.I wanted to be very hydrated before the race. I know it will help. It will make stopping at all the water stations easier because I'll just be working on replacing what I'm loosing in the race.

Race Route
In looking at the route I know the tough part of the race is in the first four miles. Take a look at the difference in elevation for miles 2.5 through 4. It's going to be awesome right?


So yes, I'm scared shitless. Dragon told me even if I don't make the time that I can finish out the race on the sidewalk. My podiatrist begged me to not injure myself. I'm more concerned with heat stroke. I wish it was today's weather for the race because it would be perfect.

So one last thing. I am pretty sure you'll be able to track me while I'm running.

Then if you go to sign up for live runner tracking. I'm U50517LAB but you can search for me by name too. It won't track me after 10:00 am but by 11am I should be posting my results from my timer on Facebook & twitter.

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  1. i've known plenty of people that have finished events after "official" time. People I've coached, friends, my sister, and my brother. Don't sweat it. That cutoff is more about cost cutting, ie, the permits and man power it takes to block traffic for so long. Your goal is to get to the after party before the kegs are all tapped. See you there!