Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Yesterday, after my day of pampering, my throat felt scratchy. This morning, when I awoke, I felt sick. Like I had the flu. My massage therapist suggested emergen-c multivitamin for some inflammation I had going on and to aid the recovery process. I took some yesterday and today. I'm just tired. My body is sore. I am in desperate need of a nap.

I've been reading up on recovery today. That you should rest one day for every mile you raced. Not that you have to be at a dead stop rest but you shouldn't strain yourself in your workouts. Which for me means doing the bike, or swimming, or running only 30 minutes. So I am supposed to rest for nine days. Right now i'm ok with that because the idea of running six miles this saturday is really not appealing to me.

When I got home from the Boilermaker I iced my knees and elevated my legs. Yesterday, I had a pedicure to take care of my feet and a lower body massage with a focus on my shin and hips. I brought the epsom salts home and will take a bath tonight before meeting up with a friend.

I don't like feeling like I am run down. From my reading I found out that exercise over ninety minutes can cause your immune system to weaken. So, I've got the beginnings of a cold. Which means try and eat healthy, stay hydrated, take emergen-c, and sleep well.

Who would of thought that being healthy would make me sick :P

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  1. Oh no... team hardcore *may* have carried that cold up to Utica. (I am still recovering myself.) I'm sorry!!